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We are an information and communication technology and healthcare consulting company.

We develop and implement citizen centred health and healthcare applications based on innovative secure data exchange methods, intuitive user interface design and open enterprise architecture. Working together with us you will be satisfied as we guarantee quality results.


We analyse the most complex situations and problems to provide the best solutions exactly for you.  


We design user friendly, logical and effective software solutions that bring smiles to people’s faces. 


We develop fast, reliable and safe software that does exactly what it is supposed to and even more.

about us

We create and consult citizen centred health and healthcare services.

Abtram29 is founded by leading specialists in eHealth domain in Estonia, Janek Metsallik and  Peeter Ross. Together with medical advisor Madis Tiik the aim of Abtram29’s team is to develop and implement shared citizen-centred health and healthcare services. The founders use their profound experience in implementation of large scale eHealth projects in public and private sector in Estonia during the last 10 years.

Abtram29’s goal is to accelerate the market entry of customer-centred digital healthcare service by re-engineering the current processes and by integrating different databases. Abtram29 brings the health decision making closer to the people which makes it possible for a person/patient be engaged and proactive in resolving its’ health issues.

Abtram29 develops profiled user portals for citizen and healthcare professionals for health and healthcare data collecting, especially in the field of remote monitoring, for data viewing and mediating shared health related services. With new patient care pathway’s Abtram29 develops customer managed care. Abtram29 core knowledge also includes implementation of electronic clinical decision support systems.

Abtram29 has wide variety of skills and experience in eHealth and telemedicine field for example clinical, IT analysis, software development and programming, software maintenance and health and healthcare IT consulting knowledge are represented.

Our references

Telemedicine solutions

Deployment of large-scale telemedicine solutions in Estonia.

Analysis that evaluated the need, the possibilities and the preconditions for wider implementation of telemedicine in Estonia with recommendations and strategy development.

Healthcare applications

Customer centric analysis, development and implementation of web-based health and healthcare applications for general practitioners, diagnostic centres and occupational health providers and citizens.

Data exchange platform

Strategic planning of implementation, development and maintenance of the nation-wide Health Information System (EHIS) – the first fully functional national Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform for healthcare professionals and citizens covering the whole country.

Implementation of the secure internet based data exchange platform in Espoo, Finland. Piloting of virtual services in Finland based on x-road platform.

eHealth projects

Involvement as eHealth domain experts in EU funded eHealth projects InterregPacs, Baltic eHealth, R-Bay, Dreaming, Regional Telemedicine Forum (RTF), Smart Open Services for European Patients (epSOS), eMedic – Developing New Practices for Teleconsultation and Diabetes, SUSTAINS and European Momentum for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice (Momentum).

Involvement as eHealth consultants in Mongolia e-Health Project for The World Bank, Promoting the Development of Moldovan Health Care System with the Opportunities of E-services for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and Moldovan Ministry of Health. Also consulting the Estonian President in the eHealth field and in international eHealth expertgroup work.

Hospital IS

Providing information systems consultations to one of the biggest hospitals in Estonia.

eReferrals and eAmbulance

Meet the founders 
Janek Metsallik
Janek Metsallik
Founder, Chief Architect
Peeter Ross
Peeter Ross


We create applications and platforms to give value to health.

If you want to break boundaries with your project, working with us is a good start.

Abtram has two main focus areas:

Customer centred analysis, development and implementation of web-based health and healthcare applications for general practitioners, diagnostic centres, occupational health providers and citizens.

Implementation of secure web-based data exchange platform.

Our Services

Clinical consultation

Can’t design a clinical system without doctors input. Our doctors know how to connect clinical needs with technological capabilities. 

IT analysis

Analyses is needed before the development to understand what and how to do and choose the right path.  After the development it is needed to stay on the right course. 

Software development

Success lies in user friendly, smart and efficient software – we do that the right and elegant way.


Before development  it is crucial to understand how everything should work. We will design the software accordingly the right and the smart way.

Healthcare IT consultation

Sometimes you only need some consultation from the experienced people to do the next steps – we are always here to help.

Support and maintainance

We don’t build and run, we want to build and grow together. Our aim is to be partners and change the healthcare scene together.


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